Live Chat Solution

Only for websites, especially that use CMS

What is the Live chat solution ?

What is the conversion ? It is the ability to transform a request for information into a sale. Great perspective!

Nowadays, all websites that receive interesting traffic are generally concentrated through sales or marketing action on social networks.

But the most important thing is to build customer loyalty, which is why JYCOM print provides you with a live chat solution which has the role of:

JYCOM offers you to implement this growth lever at the level of your chat service, your information service, your customer service via specific tools present in your web channels: Live chat

What does this solution bring you?

  1. Personalized customer service: Human agents can provide personalized assistance, better understanding the specific needs of customers and thus establishing a stronger connection.

  2. Resolution of complex issues: Agents have the ability to solve more complex problems and provide detailed information, adding value to customers.

  3. Empathy and understanding: Human agents can express empathy, which is crucial in problem-solving and customer satisfaction.

  4. Handling delicate situations: Human agents can better manage delicate situations and handle unhappy customers by finding suitable solutions.

  5. Reinforced brand image: By having human agents available for chat, the company demonstrates its commitment to quality customer service, thereby strengthening its brand image.

  6. Continuous training: Human agents can benefit from ongoing training to stay informed about products and services, ensuring up-to-date assistance.

  7. Adaptability: Human agents can adapt to unforeseen situations, providing valuable flexibility in customer service.

  8. Building long-term relationships: Allowing customers to interact with human agents can contribute to building long-term relationships based on trust.

By highlighting these human aspects of the chat service, you can convince the company that the quality of customer interaction is essential for achieving its business goals.

CMS that our team can manage

These are the most popular CMS which is why our team is well trained in this type of CMS, but also you should know that our team can manage any CMS with training of one week maximum


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